Still Life

Alex & Aleia

Alex Wallbaum and Aleia Murawski are collaborators based out of Chicago. They are both graduates from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where they each studied Art and Design (Aleia in Painting and Alex in Photography). Alex + Aleia focus on still life studio and location-based photography, but also work in video and sculpture. Their still life images are composed of everyday found objects and situations; both familiar and surreal. Since beginning their collaboration, Alex and Aleia have shown work in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Taipei, London and Chicago.



Social content made for RXBAR in collaboration with Evan Sheehan.

Open Table

Photographed by Alex Wallbaum, in collaboration with OTHER Studio.

Creative Direction: OTHER Studio
Photo Assist: Evan Sheehan
Prop Stylist: Dom Cordilla
Food Stylist: Jillian McCann, Johanna Lowe
Florist: Rose Hoffeld

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Alex Wallbaum ︎ B. 1992 ︎
Chicago based artist and photographer
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